Domain how to use


I bought domain on crazy how would i use it here?


@Icon1 Go to your domain dns and update 000webhost nameservers,

Then wait till nameservers gets fully propagated.

After completing the above steps, Now log in to your 000webhost account,
“Set Web Address” >> “Add Domain” >> “Park Domain”.

This will solve your issue :slight_smile:


sir it gets this error what should i do?


Hello @icon1!

I have now whitlisted the domain. Please try again. :slight_smile:

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@Icon1 Did you try to park “”, I believe parking subdomain is not possible(also given in the screenshot as a error).

If you’re not able to park it then, you need to park domain(ex: not subdomain, like “”.

Anything let us know.


What domain did you purchase?


Tenho um domínio já registrado “”, e já tentei usar os servidores e , porem não esta funcionando, tenho a seguinte resposta “Servidor DNS Master: Pesquisa recusada, Servidor DNS Slave 1: Pesquisa recusada”, gostaria de saber como resolver isso?