Domain Limit - How to retrieve other domains


I use to manage three Domains with webhost.
Since it now only allows 2 domains to be parked on one account, how can I retrieve or gain control over my third domain?

The domain is

Please advise.


What do you mean? :slight_smile:


I use to manage

via Webhost

Now I can only park 2 of the domains in my account.

I now want to park to a different webhost account but I am unable to do so as it says domain name already in use.

What can i do to be able to park to the new webhost account?


Alright, what account do you want to transfer to?


from to



Please screenshot your registrar cpanel to prove you own the domain.


Is this ok? Proof of my renewal payment.


I don’t have access to view cpanel since it is normally done via webhost. Now that i only have to parked domains, I am unable to access cpanel.
Hope I make sense.


DNS zone managment is not available in 000webhost though…


I am not sure how to provide further proof.
Here is a snapshot from the people I purchase the domain from.
Hope this suffice.
You can see two of my domains registered under my name there.


SmartStream appears to be hosted now on 000webhost can you confirm?


Yes. Confirmed.
I use to manage it via my account until there is a limit of 2 domains per account.


There is 2 sites per account limit on free accounts yes.


I am aware of that which is why I am seeking for your assistance to allow my other webhost account ( to manage the domain.

At the moment, when I attempt to add the domain to webhost account, it gives a message saying that the domain is already in use.
Please refer to earlier messages in this thread.

#15 appears to be the owner of

Make sure you have logged into your previous account and removed/deleted the domain from the set web address page however.


I am not able to access it from the previous account due to the two account limit. Which is why i am seeking for help or advise from here.

Are you a user of webhost or are you one of the administrators?


Did you try yesterday when I last posted?


Should be working fine but literally all I did was click add and parked it :slight_smile:
Any more issues give us a shout!


Nice!! It finally works! Thanks for your help!