Domain name .fr



Could you tell me for your free website offer, can I apply a domain name .fr?

Moreover, when it is noted it is being desactivated 1 hour per day, this means the site is not accessible for one hour?





Do you mean you are signing up to premium Hostinger?

The sleeping time doesn’t apply to premium account - there is no sleeping on premium :slight_smile:


Unfortunately .fr isn’t covered apologies.


Free extensions:


Cheers, what’s the url for this?


Just a URL to the offer page you’ve probably already been on it.


Thanks for your quick replies but can you tell me what url it is as I can’t find it


What URL sorry?


Cheers, so you have to be premium to use a domain name like .com, can you use your own domain like .fr replacing the webhost one?


Yeah you can freely purchase/park a .fr domain on premium or 000webhost freeium


If you purchase a .fr domain from Hostinger you can use it combined with your free hosting and have no branding showing