Domain name has words blacklisted


Getting this alert message when i try park my own domain. “Entered domain contains words that are blacklisted” .

Help Me out…


What is your website about?
Also, what is the domain?


It is a personal website and the domain is


Try adding it now :wink:


thanks working and fine

#6 this is also black listed . and i have purchased this domain in Receipt :HIN15338139


Whitelisted, try now :slight_smile:


done will i get the branding below for this domain


Yes, because it is a hostinger domain.


The branding will NOT show if you have purchased Hostinger domain.


but the branding is shown


pls check the website


Go to your cPanel>Settings>General
Scroll down, and turn off branding


it does not work. the branding is shown


@mantas.daraciunas can you look at his issue?


Hi @sooriyaoli,
Branding is now off. It was a cache on our side which is now cleared and branding is gone. Thank you for using 000webhost and sorry for this issue.


Thank you issue resolved


Hello. I am trying to use my own domain and I get a message that is blacklisted.
Please help


What is the purpose of your website?


the domain is coming up as blacklisted? It will not let me park the domain. It’ll be a hobby website.