Domain name not being recognized by 000webhost


I have success fully pointed my domain to 000webhost and when I enter my domain name in my browser address bar it goes to my site which is hosted at 000webhost but in my setting when I try to set my domain name it says I have to do some cname bs again somewhere which I allready did at my domain name server which is And please don’t send me to a register tutorial because all there is on that page is an error that saays plugin not supported.


What domain name?

#3 is my domain name. tinkerbooksca.000webhost is the generic site.


So yeah when I search our system for I don’t see it.

Head to set web address > then choose an option depending on what you’ve done.

If you’ve not already head to your registrar and change your nameservers to and

If you are using the CNAME method create two entries at your registrar, one @ value with and one WWW value with also.


Screen shot of where I have my domain name registered advanced dns settings. Do I set up email here also and it will work from my site I am building here. I got here from a link on their site by the way.



Try removing URL Frame records and add CNAME records (cname records doesn’t have https:// part)


Got it working but had to park domain name pointing doesn’t seem to work at all


Are you still facing issues?