Domain name waiting for payment with "errno=32 Broken Pipe" error

Hello everyone,
I’m having a problem with a domain name I bought from Hostinger : the 000webhost control panel tells me the domain is waiting for payment, with an error showing up : “fwrite(): send of 209 bytes failed with errno=32 Broken pipe” (Image 1)
I’ve tried every option from the Hostinger control panel, without success.

I’ve looked this up and apparently there is no fix I can use.

My website:


Thanks in advance for your time !

(PS: Don’t judge my website. I’m working on a major update)

This normally means there was a connection drop during the transaction / setup.
It will normally resolve itself during 48 hours. will start working though as soon as DNS allows like any new registered domain or domain DNS update there is a small period of delay.

OK, sorry for bothering you for nothing then.
If I still have a problem in a few days I’ll be sure to ask !

Thanks for the quick answer !

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