Domain nameservers problem



Recently I created website for my friend. He created account at 000webhostapp, free domain (It’s working), but he bought domain .com parked that and… that’s all, website is not working. At first we could see “server dns could not be found”. Okay that’s normal, we set dns “” (and second of course), and after few hours we can see error 404 at hostinger and “waiting for nameservers” here Url of website is “”.
Guys… what is wrong??


The is the nameserver address. Don’t know if this is the DNS for your site?


Thank you for reply :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if i understand you.
I have done step by step like here How to point domain name to

And I checked nameservers on “” website


My domain host had separate DNS and Nameserver tabs. I presume they can’t be the same value.

You said that you put in the DNS section. I think this is a nameserver value. DNS is something else. On the add domain section of 000webhost it tells you the DNS to point to (usually has a reference to your site name).

Hope this helps


I think i understand now :smiley:

My fault i wrote dns but i thought about nameservers, maybe i will give you screenshot from registration domain and
Sorry for “paint” but i’m new and i can put only one link in single post ;/

I noticed now status at maybe will be useful

Status clientTransferProhibited


I see your site is working now?


Yes, i had to clear browser cache and now works.
Thank you so much for help guys :slight_smile: