Domain no longer exist


i bought a new domain from goddady. Then i parked it in 000webhost and added nameservers in goddady to point it to 000webhost. but 000webhost says “Waiting for nameservers”. When i click “RECHECK NAMESERVER” it says " Domain Not Exist ".

nameserver added in godaddy


i cannot access my domain online. what should i do now ?


Screenshot of set a web address panel please?


i didn’t understand what you mean by “web address panel” ?. Is it my website url ? or any particular 000webhost page ?


Please note you need to wait for up to 48 hours before the domain will fully point to your website.


Could you delete it (domain) from the 00webhost account and go to set web address again, then go to own domain and then add it there :slight_smile:

As @clanzy said, DNS propagation takes 24 - 48 hours.:wink:


what domain & what 000wh URL?