Domain not redirecting without www


I have setup my domain in Godaddy using cname as I also use google apps so I can’t setup nameservers.

I have the site correctly showing my site if I put

but without the www I get server IP could not be found.
I have also found that if I put it redirects to which gets the server IP not found.
But if I put I get my website though the https is crossed out with a warning saying site not secure.

I have added both domains with and without in the My Domains section of the hosting account.

I am also unsure how the domains should be setup in my wordpress install. Should it be or


Did you add a second CNAME record with
@ points to <>


I’m unable to add this CNAME

I’ve spoken to Godaddy and they are saying The error is NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID


You do not have any CNAME nor NS set :confused:

id 51406
opcode QUERY
flags QR RD RA
;AUTHORITY 1799 IN SOA 2018020702 28800 7200 604800 3600


If you want to use CNAME pointing please go to your domain registrar first, at their DNS zone management. There please create two CNAME records:

@ --> your website address

www --> your website address



Whe I try to add the @ --> your website address I get the response that The specified record already exists. Here is a screenshot of my configuration


Can you contact GoDaddy and ask them about that? :slight_smile:


Edit your current record maybe?


so godaddy are saying I can’t use @ for a CNAME


They are saying the only way to get the naked domain to work is by using an A record


So this is what I’ve done.

I’ve followed the tutorial that is linked to the set your own domain in the account section How to point domain from to

I’ve gone back and forth with godaddy and this forum.
Godaddy are saying I can’t add another CNAME is because you can’t add a CNAME for @. The only way to use @ for pointing your domain is with an A Record. (I have also tried CNAME =>, which also doesn’t work)

I have also setup my domains for the Point Domain in my hosting account.

Can anyone help as I’m close to giving up?


Just setup a redirect from @ to www if you are allowed to on Godaddy