Domain Parked and URL Problem!


Your site is working fine :slight_smile:

You simply need to put as both URL within WordPress settings.


Check this tutorial and let me know how it went for you


Hi, how are you? I have the same problem. Iโ€™ve been wanting to fix the problem for a week. I thought the page does not exist. This is the link that I try to use, but it does not work for anything.


Thanks! for the tutorial dear but its images are corrupt can you please advise the correct one or correct the links so I can see it


Works fine here @angel-design


No is not fix is show me this


Appears fine.

Head to WordPress URL settings and make the URL on both lines



Hi @angel-design!

Your domain was not linked correctly. I have linked it for you.,

Please clear your browser cache, flush your DNS and try again.


Well Thanks I had to erase and do it again, now how can i delete the 000webhostin logo that is on the page


Hi @angel-design
If you want to remove it then you have to upgrade to