Domain problem: broken pipe


I purchased my domain from Hostinger yesterday and there is error: fwrite(): send of 207 bytes failed with errno=32 Broken pipe
Besides it still says: Waiting for payment
proof of purchase:

page of domain says that it’s active
i already tried to park domain. Still getting Hostinger error page
Hope i wrote it clearly




I have resolved it for you temporarily.

Your site loads fine now.

I will have the “waiting for payment” domain removed soon when a developer is available to resolve this :slight_smile:


Yes, now i can open site by using this domain, but when i open site, free domain is in address bar. This problem can be solved?


You CANNOT use www and the CORRECT url is 000WEBHOSTAPP


I updated your WordPress database and it should be fine now?

Please confirm


Now I have normal domain in address bar, thank you.