Domain redirects to custom domain but not www subdomain after migrating


Hi, I could migrate my website to the new member’s area, everything goes well, the problem is with my own domain, it still points to 000webhost’s servers, when I try to access without www ( it redirects without problems, but when I add the www (, it seems like it tries to redirect to my old website location (IDK what could it be, server cache problems maybe?), so, I just deleted my old website/account (before set everything up in my new dashboard, even domain park) and it shouldn’t be redirecting to it, could the old domain settings still be on for the subdomain?, I have both, with www and without www catching DNS redirections in my dashboard (like I said my domain points to 000webhost DNS servers yet), what could be causing this strange redirection…? Thank you!!


What email address did you use with the old cpanel and which email for the new one?


According to, is still pointing to an IP which is part of the old cPanel (the old servers: check out the A record).

Migrating to the new domain means updating the DNS records as well. And updating the DNS can take up to 24 hours.

My best bet now would be to wait. If things don’t work the way they supposed to in a couple of hours, I can say it’s a real issue, and we’ll start to investigate the problem.


Hi @hexa, both accounts use the same email address, I don’t believe it’s an issue with it since my new account (new dashboard) , redirects my domain to my site, the problem only happens with www, I don’t understand why it works only for one type and the other one goes to 000webhost’s migrations warning page…


Hi, @captainjjjacksparrow , yes, I decided to wait a few hours ago too, but it’s been like 2 or 3 hours since then and I still can’t see it working, I would like to comment that since I was aware of this problem by then I decided to test by removing your NS from my domain’s DNS config and point it again to it, it didn’t redirect for a minutes and then started to work again (but still without www only), now that you mention that from the, it might be good to wait a bit more to see if I can expect some changes… otherwise, Idk what could be wrong with it…


but it’s been like 2 or 3 hours since

The DNS records should’ve been updated by now, at least for Who.Is

I’ll ask the administrator to see what we can do about it.


@captainjjjacksparrow Thank you soo much Jack, I’ll wait for your reply…!!


Hi there can you please visit your domain registrar and delete/kill all DNS records, remove all nameservers, A records, MX records everything.

And simply add and

If you are unable to do this ask your registrar to clear all records for you and user the above two nameservers.

You still are pointing at the old servers with regards to WWW which is why it isn’t working.

Where as you are okay with non-www you seem to have pointed this okay.


Hi @Infinity , I just removed the NSs ( and , since it’s all the information I see in my registar’s DNS settings, I’ll wait like 2/3 days, also checking out the and once I realise the information is cleared I’ll point it again to the NSs…

I guess the only solution in here is to be patient and wait, I don’t know how long would it take to the DNS to propagate the updates, besides I’ll have to wait 2 propagations (the removing [now] and the re-pointing)…

Thank you for your support…


Also, please check out the now, the rest has gone but there’s still some 000webhost config remaining (just removed the info from my registar’s configuration)…


The issue is odd. If you say you removed everything…

Yes, waiting would be our best bet.

Please do check this thread. I’ve put this problem on my to-do list.


Thank you @captainjjjacksparrow , I’ll be in touch if something else comes…


Thankfully there doesn’t seem to be anything left now.

I think you would be safe to re-add now.


I just re-pointed the domain and followed the instructions from your tutorial, the domain went down for a couple hours, then when it was propagated again, it redirects prefectly to my site without www but it goes to migration warning with www, just checked out the and it seems like it’s stuck with the same IPs…


Can you screenshot your DNS records page if possible?



My registar wont allow me to remove the first two NS you see listed on the page, besides, those are used by them to keep our ISPs fully updated, (I tried to remove both, received confirmation email, but they’re still there), by the way, those were used all the time since I acquired my domain back like 2 years ago…

Bellow, you can see 000webhosts’s NS (I don’t understand why second goes first since I entered each in the corresponding order, ns01 then ns02, but they ended up like that, anyway, I don’t believe there should be any issue related to the order itself)…

It’s the only configuration I’ve managed till now, by the way, do you have some news or different NS that could point out to your new domain servers? it might be caused by a caching/updating problem, or IDK, I’ve considered to even wait a whole week only by unlinking them to see if the information is globally cleared, nevertheless, it’s my last resort as far as I can tell…



Are you unable to view any other records like A records, MX records, @ records, CNAME records?


No, I don’t have access to such information, my registar only allows me to modify NSs, nothing else (IKR, it sucks)…


I can’t think at nothing else except DNS cache error. And since you don’t have access to other stuff except NSs, I think contacting your registrar would be the best choice.

Explain your issue. Tell them you want to clear the A record from (or everything…) and then try to point the NSs again.