Domain tranfering 2

Hello good afternoon, thanks for answering, my question is this, I have a page in a domain and I am developing one here I would like to know if I can link this page to that same domain that I already have?

It would be better to keep it at your current registrar and point nameservers.
Else you can transfer if you really want to -

Thank you, I understand that it is the most logical thing, the problem is that the agent of my domain told me that if I could manage it only if I stayed on his platform and my interest is to turn off that site. If I transfer it, can you help me with the link to the page I currently have on the host?

Which domain does this concern?

this is the domain

the domain is

Gotcha, so yeah if you want to go ahead with transferring the domain to manage at Hostinger yourself you can do that.
The existing owner / registrar / management will need to initiate the transfer

You’ll need to have a valid EPP/Auth code from your current registrar.

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