Domain trasfer to 000webs help needed


I added my web address from godaddy in park domain , but it keeps saying Waiting for nameservers , how do I link my domain I have the transfer code etc , I dont know what to do and where to , please help it urgent.


what is your domain name??


Hello , i too have same problem, please help me in this. they are showing waiting for name servers. please help


I have same peoblem, please help me. they are saying waiting for name servers but i had already changed it.


my domain name is


@nicks7596 wait till name servers gets fully propagated and then try again to park your domain.


how much time it will take. i


How much time it will take. I have set it before 30 minutes…


@nicks7596 Mewan while if you’ve used any redirection or url forwarding remove it!!!
Because when i try to load your domain “”…it redirects me to wordpress url.


@nicks7596 I guess couple of hrs or may be soon.


yes. I have forwaded to wordpress. but how to remove it now


Chk this link :-


i am not directing it bro.


When i enter my site adress its showing Dns servers couldnt be found


Hi I think its because my servename not changed , still trying to figure out how to do it on godaddy. just for interests how does someone change the servername on ooowebhost?


@nicks7596 Have you changed the hosting service?? Because i don’t see any 000webhost name servers anymore now.


@scinvads what is your domain name??
Is your issue solved??


domain name is , can you email me at please. thank you


@scinvads Your website is working fine…but your website is not being hosted here at 000webhost.



As I said I am having trouble getting it to 000webhost I need assistance with the settings on godaddy in order to get it to 000webhost . I have the codes for transfer but need help with the servername I think thats the problem could you kindly email me to assist me. .