Domain was taken

hello there,

recently my account here got hacked by a group called “Revil”, so now i can’t login anymore and have no access to my webpage.
I’ve created an new account but if i want to add my domain it says that it’s already in use, is there any way to solve that problem? Thanks in advance


Hi there, your website went inactive and was removed from the system.

I’ve unparked your domain from the new account they made and deleted their accounts, you can now park your domain.

Malicious people out there scan for websites using the nameservers and which aren’t loading, when they find them they then create new accounts and park your domain against their website and then claim it “hacked” when in actual fact all they’ve done is made use of the existing system to allow easy parking of any domain pointed to us. Since your previous account was deleted, the domain was basically up for grabs since it was still pointing to our free service.

Thank you very much! I appreciate your help and can use my domain finally with the other account!

best regards


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