I parked a domain

Why can i not use it instead of my domain that i am

useing now


What domain did you park?


I parked



Loads fine on my end :slight_smile:



I shall check



Alright, try if it doesnt work.



When i checked i got that URL


Without a proxy it works fine though.
What are the files inside?



I am trying something



I tried it with my SmartPhone and it worked but the parts of the

website be scrambled


I am using the WebsiteBuilder and the old domain was



What do you suppose about that


Well, let’s see what the dev says


Some of my posts to you where where hidden

What is dev


I meant the developer :slight_smile:


What do you mean dev though and did you ask him a question

about my difficulty



I parked a new domain so it should take place of the OldOne and

do you know something my OldDomain still be describing through

hyperlinks throughout my WebhostingAccount so it is using the

OldDomain instead of the ParkedDomain that i enabled so there is

something wrong


So what be happening


Are you using WordPress?
Can you screenshot the site URL settings from wp-admin please?