Donmain name tracking


Hi everyone,

I am working on my personal website and i have some issue on the domaine name.
My domaine name is (godaddy), I did a forwarding in godaddy dns setting. When i open this link, it will go to XXX.000webhostapp What i want to see is XXX/index.html, how can i do this? Hope you guys can understand and thanks for your help!!!

Web beginner


Hi !

Your domain is loading fine, and does not redirect to your 000webhostapp site. Please clear your browser cache and try again…

What i want to see is XXX/index.html

Any file named index is automatically served by our servers to the browser. When you access, index.html is automatically served by server, therefore it will not be displayed in URL address bar. Answers your concerns?


Hi !

Got it!!! thanks a lot!