Downloading all the website file


Hi. I have accidently delete all files for my websites. Fortunately, I have uploaded it into webhost. Is there anyway i can download all the files in my file manager in one go because its really time consuming to download every files one by one and also the images, videos, and extension files.


Yes, download filezilla client, connect to your files, and drag and drop them to your desktop :slight_smile:


ok i have downloaded filezilla. can you instruct to me step by step? im kinda lost


done downloading filezila. Can you teach me step by step?


Host :
Username : The username you use to access
Password: your website password
Port : 21
Once connected, public_html will appear in the left panel, you can drag and drop it to any destinatin in the right panel :slight_smile:


i keep getting error 530 login authentication failed. Im sure i have entered the correct password and username


and also error cant connect to server


A screenshot would be appreciated :slight_smile:


Try this tutorial to connect to your files


If you don’t know your password , then go to “Settings” – “General” – “FTP Password”,
Reset it and then try again.

Or you can try this tutorial to backup your website instantly.