E-Mail No longer working

Looks like last one I received was 7/9/2019

Try using ImprovMX see tutorials section.

I’m not really “using” anything 000 webhost is supposed to be forwarding to my maxxsouth address. It’s been working for over a year, ever since 000 stopped hosting. What are they doing now that has caused the interruption in service? They need to fix on their end.

Not sure, investigating currently, see the tutorial section for a more reliable free service.

Does not work! I don’t have the options listed on the screen shot you have labeled #3, adding the MX records.

Unfortunately modification to domains or emails was removed yesterday or the day before so you’ll have to revert to registrar DNS management to change MX record.

well following the instructions you provided, i deleted my forwardings that was set up and NOW I can’t re add them. So how do i “revert to registra DNS management?”

Set your domain nameservers to default/registrar and then add your MX at the registrar and then use domain forwarding for your domain.