Eintrag von eigenen Nameservern - Fehler


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Domain name and website you want it parked on please?


Hi, the Domain name is


and the Webside would then be i suppose:



Isn’t it working?


No the Webside itself is working, thats not the Problem, but i have to change/configure the Nameserver on my Domain Hoster, to make the Page assesable,
on henrik-lebede,de,
and that isnt possible anymore, like I wrote allready


my webadress should stay henrik-lebede,de and is also still reachable through out my other Hoster, since its still online there, but want to change that…


Login to your domain registrar


If your registrar rejects them then contact the support of the registrar and ask them to manually set your nameservers for the domain to the two above.


Ok, thanks! Registration did not work, but, i will then contact, the Hoster…


No worries!
Do update us on the situation when resolved hopefully! :smiley: