Eliminación de hosting (plan)


Hola buenas tardes, tengo una consulta a nivel de funcionamiento general del web hosting 000webhost:

Mi consulta es: ¿Cuando un usuario no paga luego del período de contratación (o deja de pagar), se le elimina el hosting, la cuenta, o el plan, o ninguna de las anteriores?

Gracias por su ayuda


Hello maybe there is a slight translation issue on my side but the free plan is free obviously and requires no payment.

if you mean you have upgraded to premium or will upgrade to premium and you are asking what happens if you don’t pay then simply you will receive a few reminders asking you to pay then eventually your premium hosting will be suspended and as soon as you pay it it will be unlocked for you to use again if you don’t want to continue premium at any time you can just submit a ticket or use the live chat and they will close your account for you if you wish.
if you use premium and you don’t think it is for you or you don’t feel that it is good enough for you then you can get a refund or obviously you can use it until the period you selected is over and then you can simply just come back to the free hosting providing you take a backup from the premium and put it on to the free hosting


Oh… I see. Thanks a lot. Yeah, this is my question about, that topic.

See you, best wishes,

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