Email address not working

Appreciate from reading the posts on here that my account has been removed due to lack of activity for over 3 months (it has been far longer than that). I’m registered with same email address as is my account on here.
Whilst the Domain is still working for me with my website address (www.dhab.couk) I need to regain access to it for updates etc. I also recognise that you will no doubt no longer have a copy of my website on your servers, although it is still up on my domain.
I have 4 questions.

  1. What do I need to do in order to reactivate my account?
  2. Will I need to do a grab of my website to then reupload the data?
  3. WIth your free hosting does it come with the Zyro advertising at the top of the site now? My site only had the link to 000webshost at the bottom. So will this change if I reupload?
  4. If I go to a paid hosting through Hostinger then I’m expecting that I will need to do the same with reuploading the site and linking the domain with this option?
    I just want to ensure that I understand fully what will happen and what I will need to do before starting as really don’t fancy having to do a full redesign of the site.
    Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  1. head to signup a fresh new account

  2. Yes you’ll need to upload all your files again via FTP / File Manager

  3. Zyro is no longer available - you must signup DIRECTLY at and host your website with them instead. We only provide WordPress now.

  4. If you go via Hostinger you’ll need to make a brand new account and upload your site files again yes, you can 100% link your domain with Hostinger.

Accounts that are deleted for inactivity or abuse with custom domains attached sadly cannot be reused on the free service, in the event you signup a fresh account it’ll likely suggest the domain is already in use - this means you’ll need to use alternative free or paid hosting or not use your domain with us at least.

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