Email forwarder an pointed domain?


Does pointing a domain to 000webhost with CNAME disables the ability to get the email forwarding option?
I have the domain , and I have pointed it to my website , can’t I get an email forwarder such as ?


Hi @ckhawand!

If you have pointed your domain using CNAME records, 000webhost can’t handle any kind of e-mail service.

You’ll need to go to your registrar cPanel and configure the mailing service/MX records from there.


Searched for hours, and still didn’t know how to do that.


How to add an e-mail forwarder? Actually, the easiest way to do this would be to park your domain at 000webhost instead of pointing it.
Then, all you have to do is going to 000webhost cPanel > Manage emails > Create :wink:

Here’s a tutorial on how to park your domain to 000webhost