Email Forwarding Issue (Gmail)


Hi there, I have been using 000webhost for email forwarding for a long time, but it appears to have stopped working since late last year. Under Manage Email it’s set for two different domains ( and forwarding to the same Gmail account.

The nameservers for both domains are set to:

Am I doing something wrong, or has something changed in how this should be done? Many thanks.


Hi @INoodle42!

What is the domain in question?


The domains are and


I have tested the E-mail forward function for this domain and it works fine. I have sent you a test e-mail as well. Please check mailbox for: be****

Can’t forward e-mails; NameServers (NS) are not set to 000webhost’s ones (


That’s great, thank you. Was I doing something wrong? I’ve emailed the company owner to get domain access to change the nameservers. Thanks again.


Please follow this tutorial to park your domain to the 000webhost account. After parking is done you should be able to make use of our e-mail forwarder :wink: