Email issue (cannot send or receive emails)


Hi all,

Since a day ago I cannot send or receive emails.
I worked fine until yesterday.
I have the domain hosted on 000webhost, but the domain is registered with Goddady. I phoned them and told me I should configure the MX register. I checked it and the MX is set to smtp.secureserver[.]net (as Godaddy told me).
Despite this the email doesn’t works.

Could someone tell me if the email sevice is up or if I need to change something in my configuration?

Thank you


Currently our nameservers are facing issues so I would assume that the MX record would be retrieved through this most probably and that is currently why it isn’t resolving it once the nameservers have come back online correctly the MX records should be visible again and your emails will all come through.
you could probably resolve this issue yourself by unparking your domain and pointing it instead then at your domain registrar you would set your MX record and in the event the nameservers went down it wouldn’t affect you.


Thank you very much for your quick response.
I’ll try to do as you said.


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