Email redirection


I have set up two email redirects, but they appear not to be working. Can anyone help me with this?



Sometimes they appear slow, what provider are you forwarding to?


I have tested it using the following:

gmail, icloud, and live accounts.

You say slow, I really do not receive anything.


Can you go to SET MX Record under Set Web Address and confirm 000webhost shows and not Google? :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestion.

The MX setting shows

Any further suggestions as to why it is not working?


@Steve9569 I see no reason for not working.
Did you check spam folder??

If you’ve still not received, try again with gmail.


I have checked my spam, and no emails are residing there. my 000webhost site is redirected to a URL, and it is that URL which is the one used for the email redirection. Is this the cause of my problem?

Thanks for your help


So, I still have the mail redirection problem. Can someone point me towards how I could sort out the problem?

Many Thanks


Might have to use alternative services such as Google or Zoho.


That might be the last resort. But I would like to use an email that is from my own domain if possible. I am surprised that Webhost have not responded to this issue themselves rather than leave it to a customer forum.


The community forum is managed @akhilkumar332, myself and a few other staff members who are in constant contact with developers and system administartors, we have addressed the concerns but no issues on our side can be found; so we can only assume that we are blacklisted and you’d be better off using alternative MX records/ provider like Zoho for free or GMail.


@Steve9569 can you make a new email redirection "" and the forwarding address ""


email address redirect set up



Redirection is working oddly!

What email provider are you forwarding to in your case?


The email I am testing with is


I have sent a few emails to now did you get any of them?

I have successfully sent a few emails now to and I’ve sent a few emails as infinity@shl to other emails and they’ve arrived :frowning:


Unfortunately they have not arrived at all.


I’ve a feeling then maybe is blacklisting 000webhost mailing services possibly :confused:
If that is the case then you can use alternative forwarding account i.e. to receive your forwarded emails and reply from as etc
Else you can go via Zoho or GApps

I was trying to get an address but they don’t appear to give them out anymore.


OK, I have changed the redirection to a gmail account, and that appears to work.

Thanks for your help