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Google apps are no more free,so please suggest how can we check ,send emails?
I tried adding an email id i just made ( but gmail needs teh below

SMTP Server:

please suggest


Signup with gmail and use your gmail smtp details


Hi Andrius,
Hope I wrong in alien language,let me try and explain in plain english again
Q) I Created an email id from…
Now how do I access it?
no2, I know,I can configure with gmail but what is the SMTP server,user name, password???

While creating email, your system just asked First name, last name and desired email…
So i assure my password is anything?? even if i assume, will it work?
I specifically gave what gmail was asking…For you ref its given below again
SMTP Server:
TillI fill these, I cant add emails to my gmail.
Hope I am clear.


@bvnbhargava You can login with email id and password which you choose at the time of account creation.
Or if you forgot your password…you can reset it and then login.(links are given below)

To set up Reply to address
Firstly you need to activate 2 step verification on your gmail account.
SMTP server:-
username:- Your gmail user name
Password:- You need to generate a seperate app password(link given below to generate password)


Thanks Akhil,
I am not using gapps,i cant buy it now
There is an option in regular gmail to add custom email id,I want to use it.
and I tried with my password as i use for 000webhost ,it does not work,
plz see screenshot
I probably need (smtp server) details which google mail can read
I tried using my used id as well as email id i created,

Plz suggest


@bvnbhargava You’re Confused. A regular user can activate 2 step verification too.(No need to buy gapps)
Follow the instructions as said above in my post.
This is the only way to set reply to address.

If you need remote help via team viewer…feel free to ask!!!


Don’t use follow the tutorials.