Email sent but not received


Hello, i’m using the simples form of mail() to send verification emails but some people dont get it. What may cause it?


Maybe check the spam folder?


I did but nothing. ,


Try sending to a different email?


Thats the problem , it worked on different emails with same or different company


So it’s not working now on any?


Not at all now. This is the mail code:

// the message
				$msg = "MyMSG";
				// use wordwrap() if lines are longer than 70 characters
				$msg = wordwrap($msg, 70);
				// send email
				mail($playerEmail, "Registration Validation", $msg);


What services have you tried so far?


Gmail and ProtonMail worked, now they don’t.


Have you checked your email count under settings? Or would that not apply in this case?


I cant find that setting. I only see a sendmail toogle which is enabled.


Sorry Statistics page.


What do you need? I have 6% email used.


Hmm that is all I was wondering :confused: weird one

My mail is sending fine and all accounts should be the same :confused:
Have you tried another script to send?


Thank you for helping, should i try a diffrrent code?


What script are you using currently if you know?


I posted the code above and i know the script reaches it cause i have a checking echo after. The script doesnt have any settings-changing code.


I think it is just some accounts bug.
I think if you try to create a new account it will work :slight_smile:


Thank you but im going to release the product so i will have to move to a paid service to be sure :slight_smile:


Alright, you can sense the feeling of Hostinger cPanel demo here