Email setup problems can't get the subscribe form to work


New here and new to this type of web site building. When I try to set up an email for my site italways pops up a window that goes to domain name parking. I already went through all the steps to point my domain to this host and it the link mydomain.cagoes to my site but I can’t seem to get the email to work. I am trying to get the subscribe form to send to my gmail account that I set up for that purpose. What do I put in the form for email adresses?


Oh, you mean the email forwarder?


I would guess it is the email forwarder. When I was working with websites years ago it waas preety simple stuff, html code in a text editor none of this cascading style sheets and php stuff. I have a recapthca that doesn’t work also. I have no idea where to enter the code to make the recapcha work. Once upon a time my home page would be index.html but that page say error 404 so understand the directory and page functions I do not. I used a lycos template and the website builder.


I would recommend you start a new powerful website!