Email topic question


Now I cannot see my email accounts - so I cannot edit them - and even though I upgraded to pro via Hostinger I am still being asked to upgrade to pro. Sorry … but whats the deal here?

Mail forward not working

… and this is all that i see !


If you have upgraded then you no longer need to use
You need to login over at instead to use your upgraded services :slight_smile:


000webhost provides free email forwarding as in your screenshot.

Hostinger provides premium hosting with full mailbox services accessible via Hostinger control panel :slight_smile:


I understand, but what if I need to change something on my email account on 000webhost while I am still to set up my Hostinger email … how would I do that if I cannot access my email account settings?


Like what exactly?


This sentence shows you have misunderstood something. 000webhost and hostinger are two separated hosting companies. When you upgrade to hostinger, you create an account at hostinger. You can access your newly bought hosting account by logging into your account there.

Login there and set up your account. If you have further more questions, you can contact their support.

Or reply here :wink:


i Understand but my issue is diffrent



What is your issue?