Emilson query unsure

good afternoon to the management of 000webhost I have a website hosted on the servers of you but I have a subdomain emilsonsantos.000WEBHOSTAPP
it is not working and I also cannot edit my website with my own domain linked to this sub domain I would like a position because you did not give us an alternative years ago I had a paid account and you did the same thing and now I will edit how my site being that I post daily content on the emilsonsantos.com.br site what position do you offer me if I have the ospedage to many on this platform I don’t want to redo my site thank you very much

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Hello, your website is online, the service is up; what seems to be the problem?

Please screenshot it as I don’t get it from your post…

Sadly Zyro/Site Builder has been removed from service, users cannot use the builder any longer to edit their sites.

so now how do i update my website edit it because neither the backup i don’t have or you have the release of the website backup to download

I’m afraid you’ll have to edit it manually, by going through site’s source code

You can access it via File Manager: How to upload files to 000webhost?

Good afternoon, I would like an answer on the root of the temple. I wanted to know the templante codes so that I can migrate my entire site to another server and I don’t know which templant folders

Sadly it isn’t that easy to just edit/migrate to other hosting.

You can upgrade to Hostinger and continue using the builder on paid plan.

Else start fresh and make a new site or see the link below…

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