Enable subdomains of pointed custom domain (using the CNAME method)


Perhaps I’m just not that clever, but I couldn’t figure out how enable subdomains when pointing my 000site to my custom domain (using the CNAME method).

What do I need to do

Point example.com -> 000site.webhostapp.com and have subdomains as _en._example.com and _assets._example.com also work. They’re not different sites, but sections/language versions handled through apache and back-end programming.

What currently happens

I can configure my CNAME records and point the naked domain to the 000site just fine, and it works as expected. The subdomains, however, don’t. If you try to visit one you reach this page instead:

It happens because only the naked domain is pointed on the 000webhost control panel. If you try to point a subdomain as well it replaces the naked domain entry, breaking the main address.


If you want to have two custom domains via CNAME, you need to make the second site in the other account. I don’t know why this is, but it’s a thing, so you need to make your site in a second account and point the CNAME there.

The way you want to do it, you will need to copy the site content to another account on another site and point it. Thats unfortunately the only way to do it.


Yeah, it crossed my mind, but it’s far from perfect.

It’s not only laborious for the user, it wastes server resources and is actively harmful to the host on the long run. If the user has to upload the site and databases twice… well, he’ll take twice the space, twice the connection. How could it be better than allow a couple of subdomains CNAMEs for a single site?

If I remember it right 000webhost used to allow subdomains. It makes little sense to keep offering PHP, databases, apache when you cripple those dynamic features by not offering a way to use subdomains in an age when it’s all about user friendly urls and SEO.

Hence the suggestion for the devs (this isn’t a support request, the thread should remain on the suggestions section). Please, please enable a couple of custom subdomains for each site. Limit it to a fixed number if needed, but let users make full use of the host features. It’s not helpful only for the users, it spares server resources.



Subdomains if required are available via premium.