Enabling ssl error


i’m trying to enable ssl on my site but for some reason it’s not working, i’ve followed the tutorial precisely (changed my name servers, waited for my ssl certificate to be verified) but when i turn on the grey cloud in cloudflare to enable the ssl certification my site gets an error. What could be the problem?

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Could you possibly give us a screenshot of the Crypto tab?

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what part do you need? there’s a lot of options





Hmm, weird, are the clouds on or off now?


Hey @rawcyanide the script you’ve installed have you configured it to use your custom domain and not the 000subdomain?


yes they are, my site will not work with them on so i have them disabled for now


yes i have, my custom domain was already working without ssl


You need them on for the certificate to work for SSL.


If your site doesn’t work with them on then something else needs changing but the clouds NEED to be orange.


i can’t turn them on that’s the problem, when i try my site goes down. This is what’s in my config file, my script is installed on my custom Screenshot_2019-05-15%20000webhost%20File%20Manager domain.


Turn the clouds orange then report back here and I’ll have a look.

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just did right now, here’s what i get on my domain now



So your certificate is working, but as your screenshot shows something needs configured differently I’m just having a check what exactly.

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Fixed hopefully, seems the problem was havings https:// in the config file.

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thank you! i was thinking of that lol i should have tried it…

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hmm for some reason now i can’t log into my admin account or any accounts, i input the correct info but it says something went wrong


Screenshot_2 when i try to log in the ssl secure lock changes to this, could this be the problem?