Enjoy Writing Articles!


Hello Everyone,

I am the founder and the creator of hyvor.com (Main site is under construction). We have our subdomain website, developer.hyvor.com which is a developer website that has articles on programming. For now, we have two sections, javascript and php in our website.

The most important thing is we don’t depend on anything such as wordpress or any other CMS. Our developers have created our own website with no libraries and frameworks. We only use hyvorin.js which is also created by us. :wink:

If you like our way of web designing, join us to write some articles and improve your personality too.


You have a nice chance opened! :slight_smile:

There are several requirements you need to join our website and write articles.

  • Good knowledge on pure PHP or Javascript. (No Libraries Used)
  • Good writing skills in English.
  • Basic knowledge on HTML and CSS

If you have those skills why don’t you join us?

After writing articles,

  • You’ll improve your own skills
  • You’ll improve your personality.
  • You’ll be able to add your profile picture at the end of your own article.
  • Therefore you could gain your reputation

If you are interested in writing article don’t hesitate to PM me. Just click on my profile picture in the forum and send me a message. I’ll be very happy to meet you :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll let you know more details too :smile:

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