Enter a site path (the web root of the host for http authentication)


What is 000webhost.com site path or web root (the web root of the host for http authentication) for CA authorization?


Yeah I would think that would be your web root


So what is the host’s 000webhost web root?


I’m not understanding sorry can you give an example of what it should be?


Maybe the question would help…am responding to Winsimple SSL question which is Enter a site path (the web root of the host for http authentication):


Does 000webhost have a web root? aka site path?


Apache? Server Root /etc/httpd

Document root / php Root would be /storage/ssd5/588/1363588/


What are you trying to do sorry?


Running Winsimple SSL encryption software


What is the purpose of it? What outcome are you going for?


converting http to https with LetsEncrypt integrated with Winsimple


I’m not sure that will be able to be used on the free platform?


In other words, it might not be compatible with sub domains,


By default, 000webhost provides a secure connection for all 000webhostapp.com

If that statement holds true, where is the lock.



Your site has https but you’ve put some NON HTTPS items into your site it appears.


Both contents are the same. What do you recommend?


Host22 shouldn’t technically get SSL
But your main 000webhostapp should if all elements on the page are called from HTTPS


Why doesn’t SSL wildcard auto transfer and populate on the second tier? It’s directly link to 000webhostapp.


host22.com will be discontinued, new users and a lot of existing users are unable to use it any longer - we are only offering 000webhostapp.com so there is no need for us to provide SSL on old panel subdomains which will go out of service soon.