"Entered domain contains subdomain which is not allowed" when trying to re-use netai.net domain after creating new account and site

. My previous account and web site which was using this domain “tnbsp-czest.netai.net” was deleted because of inactivity.
. Then I’ve created new account with the same mail as login "tnbsp.czestochowa@gmail.com"
. Then I’ve created new website with name “tnbsp-czest”
. It has got default domain “http://tnbsp-czest.000webhostapp.com
. Now I’d like to re-use the old domain “tnbsp-czest.netai.net” for this new website
. . So I enter into [Tools] \ [Set Web Address] \ [+ Add domain] \ [Park domain] \ type "tnbsp.czestochowa@gmail.com" \ press [Park Domain]
. . and I’m getting message: "Entered domain contains subdomain which is not allowed "

What am I doing wrong?
I was using this domain previously …

Hi there
Old domains have been deprecated and cannot be used anymore.


OK. Thank you. So, now, how can I create and use any new domain which is:

  1. similar to previous one (previous was “tnbsp-czest.netai.net”, so for example new one could be “tnbsp-czest-new.netai.net”)
  2. free (the previous one “tnbsp-czest.netai.net” was free)

Hello. Customers can only link their own custom domains to their site (ex: .com, .org, etc)

Free domains such as *.netai.net are no longer supported.