ERR_CONNECTION_RESET while uploading big file


I have this website where I upload my podcast, every episode gets a file size around 90 - 100mb, i’m trying to upload an mp3 file but while upload the connection resets, first of all i’ve tryied to upload via ftp with this code :
$nome = ‘name of the file.mp3’;
$server = ‘’;
$directory = ‘public_html/assets/audios/’;
$file= $_FILES[‘mp3’];

			$conexao = ftp_connect($server) or die('Servidor não conectado');
			ftp_login($conexao, 'naofeedo', 'password');
			ftp_put($conexao, $directory .$nome, $file['tmp_name'] , FTP_BINARY );

but I still get the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET page, what can i do to solve this


Could archive it first then upload it and extract it?

I would recommend using a dedicated file hosting site for that though instead of shared website hosting which we provide…?

Try Google Drive, Windows OneDrive, DropBox etc