Err_name_not_resolved on any device I tried



Doesn’t load corectly on any device that’s DNS aren’t and (e.g. most smartphones). So most of users of my website can’t get access to it through the error: err_name_not_resolved. Does anybody know the solution of this problem?


@user9987 Your domain loads fine.

Clear your browser cache and data and then try again.


Please try again on your smartphone. I know my page doesn’t run on IPhones.

On my LG G6 I installed Firefox and Dolphine especially to test if this page loading. And it doesn’t. I haven’t used these browsers never before (clear installation).

On my friend’s IPhone 6 Safari it doesn’t load too :confused:


@user9987 Running fine on my smartphone too.


@user9987 Try these tutorials, see if this helps you.


I can handle it on my PC without a problem. My problem is that none of my friends can run this page on his/her mobile. Maybe it depends on localisation or ISP?


Generally all * url should open, but if ISP block then you need to contact them.

A i suggested before clear your browser cache and data and update to google dns

This will help you, Have you tried these??


I’ve clearly installed firefox, checked if it has any data saved on my mobile (it doesn’t), checked DNS settings on my home wifi (it’s nad Page still doesn’t load. Same on clearly installed doplhin and chrome after clearing cache and data.
Btw. I don’t believe every new user will configure his wifi to get connection to my website, when he prefer mobile data transfer than wifi.
I’m really sorry but it seems to be some configuration error on server side if half of clients in my country can’t run the page.


@user9987 These is no server issue.

Can your restart your device and then try again??


Restarted. Page still doesn’t load.
Meanwhile I asked the other friend to check it on his laptop. Page wasn’t run.


I see,

I believe it’s DNS issue, can you try over VPN??


Adding and to DNS list on domain side helped. Or waiting more time to stabilize DNS configuration on domain side.


or you should have connected to cloudflare.


@user9987 is your issue solved??


DNS will be resolving; issue will cure up in 24 hours else use alternative DNS in the meantime.