I was trying to create SSL from Cloudflare and also changing the setting of my website from to my site domain. Now I have the problem to access my admin page as well as my website page (using WordPress platform).

I was trying to clear the cookies but it didn’t work.
I don’t know to edit the ht.access as I read some suggestions online to edit it.
I would appreciate if you could give me advice how to fix it from 000webshost hosting account.
Many thanks,


What is the website in question?

#3 :1234: :1234:


My website is


What does your cloudflare setup look like?


Hi Infinity,
I took a few screenshots on my cloudflare account for your reference.




@sulliops :1234: :1234:


Hi @tamian, did you follow the tutorial properly? You should have records like the following.


If not, go back and follow the tutorial below.



@tamian What changes have you made in your cloudflare account?

if you have created any “page rule” in your cloudflare accout then delete it and then try again.

If you want we can have look at it in order to solve your issue, can you provide your cloudflare login details?


Hi akhikumar332,
is it safe to share the cloudflare login details here?


Hi sulliops,
I followed this tutorial.
However, from the below step, I was confused:
[ Now, go to the “DNS” tab of your Cloudflare dashboard. Add the two cname records for your 000webhost free site, as seen in the “My Domains” section of your Control Panel. The cname records that you need to add are below.

“@” points to “
“www” points to “
“yoursite” needs to be replaced with your website name. And don’t use quotes. The “@” and “www” go in the “name” section when adding the records, and the 000webhostapp URL goes in the “Domain name” section.]

I couldn’t create another CName as it says "An A,AAAA or CNAME record already exist with that host. (code:81053) (attached the screenshot for your reference)
So I was stuck there.


I attached here the page rule I set on Cloudflare



@tamian Delete the page rule. see if it helps.

Yes, as i have made this thread private.


I see your website is working.


My cloudflare login details are:
Many thanks for your help.




here we go: ********


@tamian All fixed now! :slight_smile:


Many thanks for your help.
I really appreciate it.
Best wishes,