Erreur lors de la connexion à la base


Hi I have a error when I visit the pages of my site “Error connecting to the database” … failing this the page loads indefinitely. please make it work

here is the address of one of my pages:

the problem occurred when I updated the URL of my web pages


Can you try updating your database password in wp-config.php


hi yes I modified it but I always display the same error


Hi I can not connect to my database I have a Sql error: "has exceeded the max queries per hour"
please how to solve the problem


Read this


thank you for your answer Is there a way to increase this limit for a free account? because the problem manifests itself when I just load a page from my website wordpress


Hi @bafka!

Unfortunately there is no way to decrease the limits for free accounts. The only way to overcome this is either to remove some plug-ins, themes, posts, or to buy a paid plan: