Erro ao conectar com banco de dados

Bom dia. hoje ao acessar meu site wordpress me veio a mensagem de que “Não foi possível conexão com o banco de dados” Não fiz nenhuma alteração no banco de dados do meu site porém parece que foi alterado o nome do banco de dados e também nome de usuário. E não consigo entrar nas configurações da base de dados para corrigir.

Olá Infinity, não estou conseguindo acessar o phpmyadmin toda vez que tendo vem essa mensagem
como vou conseguir subir meu site novamente ?

That pink error incidates rate limiting, just wait it out

Infinity, I don’t know if you did anything out there, but now I am able to access phpmyadmin, and I will try to see the settings and try to solve the problem and give feedback as soon as possible if I could solve it or not. thankful

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unfortunately I tried everything but I can’t establish a database connection. I tried to rename the password in phpmyadmin and wp.config.php and username also didn’t work. can help me because I’m moving the site to a new segment and the work is half done. I tried to make everything the same with respect to username and password in both phpmyadmin and file manager in the wp.config.php folder but no connection re-established.

I’ve refreshed your wp-config.php file there was a username issue in it.

man you helped me a lot. thanks i just accessed the wordpress control panel and it looks like everything is normal with before. Thanks !!

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the site was geared but I am doing something to change segments as it was before, and again there was an error at the time I was switching a site from the footer of my site. was the database connection error

the site was back, but I’m changing segments as I said before, and again there was an error as I was changing the footer string of my site. was the database connection error

You’ve hit rate limiting again.
As irritating as this is you’ll just have to wait it out until the database is unfrozen.

and is there a deadline for that to get back to normal? and why is this happening all the time?

Rate limiting only occurs when your script (WordPress) exceeds the free plan limits.
Each and every action i.e. loading wp-admin pages cause requests, say one page is 45-50 requests, if the hourly limit was 5000 / 50 = 100 pages = your database freezes, some pages cause more requests so your limit will seem lower too.