Erro de conexão com banco de dados

Boa tarde equipa

Na instalação grátis do wordpress ela também já instala a base (banco) de dados ou devo instalar manualmente?

Faço essa pergunta porque instalei o wordpress no vosso plano gratuito, mas 30 minutos depois deu um erro de conexão com o banco.

WordPress installation can take up to 5 minutes and the automatic installer does all the work, at the end of the installation it will tell you on the screen when it has finished and then it’ll show you to the wp-admin.

If you think it hasn’t worked correctly, use the reset website option under generally settings or make a new website and run the automatic installation again.

If the installation worked and you were in the wp-admin accessing stuff then got a database connection error then that means you’ve breached the free plan limits, just wait it out and the database will be unfrozen after a little while.