ERRO: ftp_mkdir(): Can't create directory: Disk quota exceeded

(Pergunta em PT.BR)
Olá possuo um site feito no Wordpress, e estou tendo o seguinte problema;

minha pasta ‘‘temp’’ sumiu, e estava tentando criar outra pelo ‘‘Gerenciador de arquivos’’ porém quando clico para criar a pasta aparece a seguinte mensagem;
‘‘ftp_mkdir(): Can’t create directory: Disk quota exceeded’’
porém creio que não consegui usar o espaço total disponibilizado para o meu plano. Alguem pode me ajudar?

(Question in English)
Hello I have a website made in Wordpress, and I’m having the following problem;

my temp folder disappeared, and I was trying to create another one via the ‘File Manager’, but when I click to create the folder the following message appears;
‘’ ftp_mkdir (): Can not create directory: Disk quota exceeded ‘’
but I do not think I was able to use the total space available for my plan. Can someone help me?

It could be inodes or space exceeded, if you have 20,000 small tiny files you’ll get there disk quota exceeded error too.

What is your URL?

Checked your account and it seems you’ve reached your limits.