Error "403 Forbidden"


i modified AllowOverride to All


000webhost offers only free shared hosting. Uploading the xampp.conf file will take no effect.


oh ok. so what shall i do now?


There can be dozens of reasons for that error.

Please upload all content of htdocs


ok i am deleting the files and re-uploading them


If you want to upload them faster:

  1. Please archive all your files to ZIP format.

  2. Then upload your archive using a FTP client

  3. Then go to 000webhost cPanel > File Manager > Upload

  4. Locate your archive

  5. Right click on it > Extract


done. same problem error 404


@akhilkumar332 do you know how to configure Codeigniter?


no. i configured the .htaccess and httpd-xampp.confi


We offer shared hosting. Modifying that file will not have any effect here.

On 000webhost you upload only your website content, not your server’s config files/binaries…


ok. thank you for letting me know. i still don’t know why my website doesn’t work. everything seems fine and working when i start xampp and turn my machine into local host.


everything seems fine and working when i start xampp and turn my machine into local host.

You are using Codeigniter and it may require some special configuration. I have never worked with this library. I don’t even know if it supported by 000webhost’s specifications; I don’t know if it requires some PHP core configuration.

Please wait until @akhilkumar332 replies…


@ash2 I’ve seen many threads regarding this, but Codeigniter never worked for those users.

In general you need to set database details correctly for Codeigniter to work correctly.

If this doesn’t help then you can consider upgrading to premium, Where it should work fine.


1- which part of the database shall i fix
i got DB
DB_active _rec

2- what difference will it make to go premium?


I mean to say, Codeigniter should work fine these config(mentioned in my above post.)
May be because of the limits, it’s not working or may be anything not sure.

Premium has no limits, compared to free hosting.


i did the modification that you told me about in the database…it is still not working and i don’t understand why?!!


i changed the .htaccess file to be

<?php echo $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; die; no i get the application error message.


.htaccess accepts only specific directives, not PHP code.

In general, PHP libraries such as Laravel, Codeigniter, once they are installed they are set up with a special configuration: either on paths, either on memory limits, either on database, etc.

Because of that, when you are trying to export your entire project, including the libraries in question, the web app has very high risks to fail on the new hosting machine. Which is exactly what happened here. I don’t know how your machine is configured, I don’t know how Codeigniter is configured here or on your machine, I don’t know if database should require special configuration or not… Maybe there are problems on dependencies, or other stuff. There could be dozens of reasons why your project fails on our servers, and digging up the entire Codeigniter project only to fix a misconfiguration is a job of weeks, maybe months.

For future, I suggest you to install the PHP library on a hosting machine, and just keep working with it on that machine.


thanks for responding and taking the time to review my problem. I get that it might take a while to fix that, but i don’t understand why on earth, i would just install php library on a machine and work on it locally !!! i want my website to be alive and be able to send it to other people. and i was working on my own machine as a local host…:confused:


that is why i am here in he first place.