Error 404 - File not found

When i make an HTTP POST request i get this back:

Error 404

ERROR 404 - File not found

The last day i was using the page it was all perfect, please help !!

Your URL being??? :slight_smile:
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I have already reset my website 3 times and recreate it, but the same thing happened after and after. Please help me to solve this error

To solve the 404 error login to wp-admin, Settings, Permalinks, choose plain/default.

If you see the “Updating failed” error then try another editor within WordPress if that makes sense?

sorry I didn’t get that.Could you please tell me more about this!

Okey, It worked! thank you soo much for the assist.! really appreciate :blush:

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Still not solved. Still have the same issue

Hi @sikoapp can you expand on the issue please?

what is wp-admin? Where i can find it?

That was for the other user who is using WordPress.

If you don’t have WordPress it won’t apply to you.

I just make an HTTP request and the answer from the server is the one I wrote before. Sometimes it answers what it should answer and another time it answers the 404 error

Not quite sure how often are you making requests and have you tried Postman and got any screenshots or examples?

Let me know how you get on and I can certainly query the issue for you as all a developer will do is the same process.

This is my postman settings and the request :


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Not sure maybe a CloudFlare issue only guessing though.

Try a proxy/VPN or reboot router and get new IP?

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