Error 404 for accessing wp-login.php after WordPress installation


I have installed the WP, got the below message:

Congratulations, it’s ready!
Your Wordpress is now ready for configuration.

Clicked on the Go to configuration page and Bang 404. The requested URL was not found on this server!

I did reset the whole account. deleted the website, reinstalled again and again but still same message!

Does anybody have any idea about this issue?

Hi @etam

Hi don’t see any file in your website? Did you install wordpress?

Hi @Supun,
Yes, I did. I’ve got the congratulation message for WordPress! and it shows me the configuration button but when I click on it, just see 404.

P.s. initially got this but after a couple of minutes it shows that the WordPress has been successfully installed.

and then

Never mind @Supun. I’ve installed the WordPress manually at the end.
But I think, your WordPress installer is not working properly.


We will investigate the autoinstaller, thank you for your feedback! :slight_smile: