Error 502 Cloudflare


Im having problems accessing my site. I can access my site for several pages but in about 30 seconds this shows up

Then i need to restart again multiple times to access it again. Any fix?


What’s the website in question? :slight_smile:



  1. Please go to Cloudflare cPanel > Cache > Purge everything

  2. Please go to Cloudflare cPanel > Cache > Development mode > On

  3. Please fully clear your browser cache.

  4. Try loading your website now.

If issue persists please let us know.


It still did not work. I set it to development mode and purged the cache and my cache.


This is the error that pops out when you pres DEBUG.


We apologize for inconvenience. We will investigate your issue.


Ill be waiting for the fix. Thank you!


I also get this message:

502 Bad Gateway

Sometimes it works, but most of the times “502”.
502 appears very often, when I’m logged in.
When I’m logged out it also appears, but less often.
Maybe there is a software conflict with the “Login”.

Seems to be a global problem.
Maybe the server is overburdened with the big number of websites.

#10 it kept on getting Error 502 after a time. it has been going on since 3 days already.


I guess you use a database to connect the URL with the Webspace, where the website is located.
Maybe the software for the database has a bug or is overburdened.


Or maybe the database itself must be improved.


I think i found a temporary fix. Go to DNS > DNS Settings > Set all DNS Records to DNS Only. But it will send a Connection Not Secure problem. But it will reduce/remove error 502. Im still finding a fix that will have a secure connection.