Error al cambiar mi contraseña

Me aparece que ya ha expirado el link y no puedo cambiarla a pesar de apenas recibí el link. Podrian ayudarme por favor,

Wait for a staff to look into it and they would sent you a manual link.
@mantas.daraciunas I think this is a issue. Have a look at it.

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@Jimmy3 Try again immediately, as soon as you receive password reset email??

already try that but still not working.

I need to change my page password, but it doesn’t send me the link to reset it

Hey I need a URL or email to assist :slight_smile:


I created another account to post, but I did it by linking my gmail account since it was not linked and so I could not recover it. If I resend the email to change the password I can do it, the problem is that I do not receive the mail either in inbox or in spam

I can see you logged into cedrosinformatica using

What issue are you having now?

Problem solved. A few days after creating the account validating the Google account, I already appreciate the page, I had already verified if it appeared but it was not so, so I made the post.
Thank you very much, we can close the thread