Error Code 500 + Unable to login to File Manager

Hello. I have a query.

On my website, very rarely I receive an error code 500. When this happens, some pages of my website might be down and inaccessible.
I read somewhere that this is due to bad PHP scripting? But that makes no sense as some pages that don’t load don’t have PHP attached to it.

Naturally, I try to find out why and I stumble across this: How to enable error reporting in php

It tells me to login to the file manager, but I cannot login because it always rejects my credentials, correct or not.
I know this because it’s happened before in the past many times. Changing my password didn’t work either - still wrong. However, after a while it fixes itself and my credentials obviously work again. At this point, there are no internal server errors.

So, at the moment I obviously cannot follow what that person says because it won’t even let me into the file manager. What is going on? It doesn’t sound like my fault… if the file manager login credentials itself fail, what does that mean?


Something was down/not working, and look how the %s today are not 100%. That’s got to be it… I think.

Am also getting 500 Internal Server Error at the moment and cannot connect with FTP

I have the same problem. Even my both websites do not open and it shows “500 Internal Server Error”. I do not any plugin or smt. I use site builder. That is it. And They were working 30 minutes ago. I did not change or touch since then. It can be an internal problem or ?

And now they both came back. They are working. But I am not sure that they will be working all the time. I feel that , any time I can get that disturbing message “500 Internal Server Error”. No garranty I guess :frowning:

Yes, it did come back for me too… I think it most likely was down itself.

I stumbled across a pinned post in this forum (I think), but it disappeared (for some reason), but it had this link:

Something was down/not working, and look how the %s today are not 100%. That’s got to be it.

Hi Jiralite, I checked the link that you have sent. You might be right. Most of them are %100. So it can be internal problem then …

Hi everyone

I have forward this problem to admins and developer. This will be solved soon

We are really sorry for the inconvenience