Error connecting to the database on my website



I have a wordpress site at this address:

My email is

I checked the config.php file which contains the name of the database, the user, the password and the address (localhost) and everything is completely correct.

But, my website can not connect to the database and I always get the same error message.

I was in my database via PhPmyadmin and I access the database without problems.

Could you help me ?

Thank you in advance.


It appears as if your website is infected with malware.
Check the folder under wp-content / wp-plugins called ubh for example.
I would recommend you use the reset option in General Settings of the 000webhost panel and start from fresh as once malware has infected your site it is likely they’ve just replicated into every single file.
It is likely they know your database login information and have likely downloaded your database too and possibly put things into your database to cause issues.
I would recommend changing your password if you use the database password anywhere else also.